Video Surveillance Systems

Security Cameras

Security Cameras can give you the piece of mind while you are away from your office. York Technology Solutions has deployed numerous surveillance cameras, both stationary and pan/tilt/zoom, in indoor and outdoor environments. We can recommend the networking gear needed (traditional, wireless, or some combination) to provide the required bandwidths to for video transmission. 

We offer security camera system that are intuitive and easy to use, provide qualify video and years of service. We offer free site analysis and estimates!

The benefits of a professional video surveillance system instillation include: 

  • Deter or prosecute vandals, thieves, and other criminals
  • Can help lower insurance premiums
  • Provide peace of mind
  • Reduce and mitigate losses from fraudulent claims
  • Reduce theft from employees
  • Improve employee productivity


Wired or Wireless Security Camera Systems

Our professional technicians are able to provide any security camera system need you have, from traditional analog, IP, wireless or hybrid systems. Let one of our security experts inspect and analyze your coverage needs.

We provide any camera needs you have from indoor, outdoor, concealed, infrared for night vision and pan/tilt camera. We analyze the areas you wish to cover with cameras and put together a proposal that will provide adequate coverage for your needs. 

York Technology Solutions Security Camera System

Security Camera System Mobile Software

DVR Camera System Recording and Monitoring

Monitor your security camera system from a PC or on the go through your tablet computer or mobile phone. Having a security camera system is not helpful if it is not easy to connect and monitor your system. Our professional software also allows you to play recorded video from any device.